Passing Dissertation Defense with Flying Colors

Now that you have researched and written your Ph.D. dissertation, there’s one more major step to take and it is also the most important. Your doctoral dissertation defense plays the most crucial role in this project and it is no wonder most postgraduate students dread this stage. It is a chance given by your department to prove that your work is worthwhile and this makes the task even more daunting. You need to prepare yourself early because you will face a committee of scholars. This article will help you prepare your Ph.D. dissertation defense confidently. Read on.

Know What The Ph.D. Committee Wants

It is understandable that defending your academic work in front of acclaimed scholars is not easy. However, you can make things easier by learning what these scholars want. Some of the crucial answers the committee will be seeking include:

  • Whether you’ve taken time to conduct original, first-class scientific research
  • Whether you exhibit skills required for independent research in your field
  • Whether you can confidently and persuasively communicate your ideas
  • Whether you’ve understood the fundamentals of research as required in your field of study

With this insight, it is easy to prepare accordingly and deliver beyond the committees’ expectations. You will focus on the most important aspects when preparing for a dissertation defense.

Know And Interact With your Committee

It is important to meet up with the committee before the defense and this is possible because you already know them in advance. Talk to them during your research proposal and in case of any other important changes in your paper. Make sure the team members understand your approach as this will allow them to ask tough questions in advance. You also gain confidence when you become familiar with the committee beforehand. If you fail to communicate changes to your dissertation with the committee, the chances of failure are very high.

Learn From Previous Presentations

Scour the internet and other sources to find the best dissertation defense presentation to guide. These samples are readily available even in college libraries and in all media formats. You will learn a lot including time management, grooming, etiquette and other things to help in your defense.

Use a Visual presentation

Whatever the type of research you have done, it is important to use visuals to drive the point home. PowerPoint is an integral part of a dissertation defense as it allows you to create powerful visuals to enliven the presentation. You can answer dissertation defense questions more conclusively using visuals.

Practice And Prepare

You need to prepare early and practice before a group before the actual defense. You have to practice multiple times especially now that you will most likely use dissertation defense PowerPoint. Don’t underestimate the effort it takes to work with slides. By practicing using the actual slides, you eliminate time-consuming errors and plan your schedule appropriately.

Other important dissertation defense tips include developing the right attitude, taking a break to relax before the presentation, attend defense presentations if possible and preparing an outline for your defense. Don't forget that you can always find paper writers for hire.