Important Components To Include In Research Methodology

A dissertation methodology example covers a separate chapter in a thesis or dissertation. It is a section in which one outlines the materials and methods used while collecting data in the field. These can vary depending on different topics under the study. The essence of understanding how to craft dissertation methodology templates, therefore, is to provide you with thesis writing help and make you understand the vital components to be included.

Information about your study area

If your research is about going out into the field to gather information, you must define your study area in the dissertation methodology section. For instance, you should state its location based on your country, the approximate number of people in that region and the important relations of the area. Make sure every detail comes out clearly so that your readers are able to understand well.

Study population and target population

In a dissertation methodology outline, one has to differentiate between a study population and a target population. The two are not similar. For instance, the study population is the total population of your area of your study. Therefore, it includes everyone with the condition you want to look into and those who do not have it. On the other hand, the target population is more specific. For instance, it only includes a particular group of people with a certain condition.

The sample size

Every dissertation methodology chapter should contain a calculated sample size. There are several formulae for calculating sample sizes for different populations. As a student, you need to understand each of these and be able to put them into practicality for appropriate defense of your dissertation. If a population is more than ten thousand people, there is a formula you can use to reduce the number.

Study technique

There are several study techniques in dissertation methodology structure that are based on the type of survey one wants to carry out. Studies can be grouped into those that are done just at one point in time, experimental, retrospective and the prospective studies. Therefore, once you have settled on a given topic, you should be sure of which technique is appropriate to use. Selecting a wrong study technique can render your work imperfect and therefore need to repeat the study.

Inclusive and exclusive criteria

You also need to talk about things or people you want to include or exclude in your study. This needs to be clear in order to avoid any form of confusion. Remember not to exclude people who do not meet the inclusive criteria because they are already not part of the study.

Ethical consideration

All dissertation methodology types should include ethical considerations especially those involving human subjects. These are sets of rules that are put in place to protect the rights of all participants who agree to take part in the study. They involve searching for permission from relevant bodies and from your study participants in form of formal consent. Every person who takes part in your survey should be free to withdraw at any time without any risks involved.